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AQS is a Battlefield-style spawn system that will do its best to make sure that any players spawn out of sight from any enemies, without the need to design and program a whole system yourself.

Quick breakdown:

  • AQS is designed to be a time saver for your designers and programmers by doing a lot of the work for you on the backend and exposing easy-to-access parameters.
  • It's all just a plugin, and easy to extend/modify completely seperately - no need to work old and/or messy code bases from previous projects!
  • Different options for spawning in already built in

This isn't anything ground-breaking, but I did notice there weren't many resources on systems like this, and thought it worth a share.

Getting Started


Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

Visual Studio 2019 

A UE5 project with at least one C++ class


  1. Create a new project in Unreal
  2. Open the project and go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Collision and create a new trace channel called Spawner
  3. Close the project
  4. Navigate to your project folder (where your .uproject files is)
  5. Create a new folder called Plugins if it is not already there
  6. Put the AQS plugin folder inside that new Plugins folder
  7. Inside your [ProjectName].build.cs file, add the public module AQS
  8. Make sure to build your project from visual studio
  9. Open the project again and navigate to Edit -> Plugins. You should see a category called System, under that you should find AQS. Make sure to enable it
  10. Restart editor and you will be good to access the plugins featuresUsage

Quick Note

The included GameMode and PlayerState base classes aren't absolutely essential. You're more than welcome to copy and paste these functions into your own GM/PS. I've just included them as the system requires a little more logic than just the component can offer.

Using the Plugin

Refer to the example content provided.


I have an issue, is there something you can do about it?
I don't plan on supporting this. This plugin was made for another project that didn't go ahead and I just didn't want to make a waste of work done, so I'm sharing it for anyone else to use. 

Do I need to credit you?
The simple answer is no, you do not. It would be nice if you did though!


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